mlytics empowers you to

A TRULY global network thatdoes not isolate China

A TRULY global network that

does not isolate China

  • AWS
  • Cloudflare
  • Incapsula
  • Aliyun
  • Tencent

How mlytics works

Performance Orchestration across Cloud Providers powered by RUMBLE


RUM Base Load Balancing Engine - RUMBLE

Monitor real user experience to stay in control.
  • Measure your real user latency and availability for all CDN providers.
  • Machine-learning-powered optimizations automatically reroute users to the best-performing CDN providers.
  • Global overview of latency, availability, and performance, all drillable down to city-level.
  • Fully control traffic-routing down to city-level.


Every CDN has different pros and cons. Use Multi-CDN to achieve ultimate performance and availability in any geography for your critical e-business.
  • Automatic load-balancing and failover to the best CDN provider per region. 100% uptime guaranteed.
  • Top providers for each region, including AWS, Aliyun, Tencent, Cloudflare, Incapsula.
  • Penetrate into China with real Mainland China coverage of > 2,100 PoPs
  • ONE contract, ONE policy, ONE dashboard.

Unified Web Application Firewall - UWAF

UWAF serves as a single source of control to enforce Web Application security across Multi-CDN, giving you the freedom and choice to scale multiple CDN providers.
  • ONE dashboard, ONE policy, and ONE unified layer to protect your Origin.
  • Globally-distributed Unified Application Firewall ensures performance and availability in-line with Multi-CDN.
  • WAF rule sets < 1ms latency.
  • Strong rules, flexible control.
  • Protect against zero-day vulnerabilities.
What makes us Different?
Everything you need to make your business grow super fast and safe!


Access CDN providers in China with > 2,100 PoPs.

Single Dashboard

A single source of control for all products across different providers.

Single Pricing

One price to access multiple providers.

Autonomous Operation

Fully automated operations from deployment, monitoring, optimization, to defense.

Deep Analytics

Comprehensive and drillable analytics gives you unparalleled insight into your business.


Deploy to multiple CDNs, manage policies, purge contents - all in real-time.

Setup Multi-CDN on a single console in less than 5 minutes

mlytics empowers you with the ability to monitor real user performance and orchestrate them to the best CDN providers.

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